Building Local Markets for Climate Change Solutions


CCI helps communities respond to climate change by answering the question – What solutions can the local marketplace support? We lead a creative and collaborative assessment of community strengths to enable locally-led sustainable action. CCI partners with citizens, businesses, schools, entrepreneurs, and community groups. We believe local knowledge, passion, and skills are critical components of strong lasting change. We leverage policies, priorities, expertise, and resources at the grassroots level for effective scalable strategies.


Technical and social innovations play a key role in responding to climate change. Successful innovation requires specific factors, such as educated customers, a skilled workforce, and local input. CCI partners directly with entrepreneurs, developers, and investors to identify market conditions needed for specific innovations. We identify and build community partnerships where key market supports are in place. Matching communities to innovations promotes successful pilot testing and leads to long-term sustainability.


Project success requires access to ideas, tools, and resources. Peer collaboration and experience-sharing drives local leadership. CCI works to establish effective global networks, linking people and issues that support grassroots action. We connect community experts, entrepreneurs, and students directly to international organizations and peers. These connections support effective projects, promote learning and sustainability, and drive new locally-led climate change activities in the future.

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