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Communities around the world are experiencing climate change. We see it impacting our environment, as well as our businesses, jobs, agriculture, and health.  Unfortunately, most communities are not ready. While many large cities are starting to build resilient infrastructure, others lack the needed organization, information, and policies to take action. Often communities in areas hardest hit by our changing climate are those least equipped to lead their own way forward. Efforts to address climate change cannot focus on well-resourced cities alone. All communities need to develop “climate readiness” to drive local action and solutions.

Climate Communities International (CCI) was founded on the importance of building local markets capable of sustaining and scaling up climate change solutions. We believe this can only be accomplished by tapping into local citizens, businesses, colleges and schools, entrepreneurs, and community groups. A locally-driven and owned approach to climate change will not only lead to solutions which are informed and more effective, but sustainable and scalable.  CCI focuses on market mechanisms and local engagement to support successful deployment of technology and solutions and aid an effective community response to climate change.

CCI builds Climate Readiness in three ways: (1) collaborating directly with communities on assessing their marketplace and leveraging local resources and assets to implement an effective near-term climate change response; (2) working directly with developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to map technologies and solutions to required market conditions for success, and matching to community partners; and (3) building peer and expert global networks to establish direct channels of communication for sharing and collaboration.

CCI was founded in 2014 as a project of the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI). TCI is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides fiscal sponsorship to a select portfolio of environmental non-profits. 

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